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A Mansfield Collectables & Vintage Centre.

A Mansfield Collectables & Vintage Centre. 'For Sale'.

This business was established 10 years ago. It derives income from various sources. 1. Renting units to a collectable dealers. 2 Commissions on sales. 3. Trading in collectables by the vendor of the business. 4. Specialist dealing in ‘niche’ markets . i.e., Juke Boxes.

There are several rooms and windows displaying a plethora of items.

The property consists of some 1,400 square feet of trading space on the ground and 1st floor. The accommodation also includes 2 bathrooms and a large kitchen / stock room. The property has a frontage plus larger window space inside the arcade.

Key Information:

Income & Profitability. Precise details of income and expenditure will be provided to serious potential purchasers on signing a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ but as a guide the income from renters is normally within 10% above or below the rent paid to the landlord for the unit. In addition, commissions on all sales is received.

Sales within the unit totalled broadly £80,000 in the last 12 months.

Trading hours. 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday 12am to 4pm.

Staffing. The vendor and 1 other runs the centre and deals with the letting of the units.

For details of rent and rates payable and specific details of the accommodation and location of the business please request full sales details by clicking on the ‘Request Full Details’ button above right.